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All lessons are offered in English, Dutch, or Polish

Singing Lessons

Explore the possibilities of your voice. 

We'll focus on vocal technique to increase vocal range, build vocal strength, improve your breathing and mix your head and chest voice. We’ll work on multiple musical and vocal styles, sing high and low notes with ease, and most importantly, we’ll focus on finding your own voice while having fun doing it. 

Lessons are designed to meet specifically your personal needs.

Music and Singing Lessons for Kids

Singing lessons designed for the youngest!

During the lessons we will learn how the voice works and how to take care of it. We will discover different musical styles, play around with rhythms and learn the ABC of music.

Kids are fast learners therefore allowing them to learn new things will have a huge effect in their future.  Besides boosting the child’s physical and emotional development, these are just few other advantages of singing for kids:

  • Healthy, comfortable posture 

  • Confident and well rounded voice

  • proper breath control which will lead to less tension in the body

  • Proper diction

  • Ear training which will improve their listening and hearing skills

  • And understanding of solfege syllables 

  • Practise their memory by remembering songs and lyrics

  • Helps the child’s brain in the development of language-related skills

  • Develops discipline in learning 


Besides the technical skills that the student will acquire, your kids will learn how to express themself in ways beyond any standard education and open their vulnerability to art. It will empower them to be creative and confident in any aspects of their life.

Vocal Coaching 

Perfect your performance.

I’ll help you prepare for auditions, performances, or recording studio. During vocal coaching sessions we will focus on performance, stage presence, musical and interpretation choices, diction, stylistic details, and learning how to sing different musical styles.

Music Theory

Learn to understand the language of music!

We’ll work on the most important aspects of music theory and ear training which include solfegio (sight-reading), interval hearing and singing, scales knowledge and note reading.

Singing “false” or otherwise, out of tune, is not only a matter of a vocal technique but very much your ability to hear, recognise and recreate tones and sounds.

By working on ear training you’ll improve your intonation and hearing abilities. All these are needed to sing in tune, improvise melodies, sing runs and riffs and harmonise melodies (create second voice) with ease. 


Sight-reading will help you sing from notes which can prove helpful and useful when singing in a choire or working on a musical project where music sheets are in use. 


Scales will help you in expanding your musicality and singing notes you would otherwise not find in the basic ABC of melodies. They open your ears to new sounds and unlock musical possibilities. They are helpful when wanting to create songs, interesting melodies and chords. 


All these skills are compulsory for anyone wishing to enter higher music education. These lessons will prepare you for passing your theory exams as well as help you to become more understanding of musical rules.

Online Lessons

Teaching through Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts.

Online lessons can be as good as one on one lessons.

The advantage of having an online lesson is that you can do it wherever in the world you are at that particular moment. It can be used as a regular online lesson or as a last minute singing lesson, coaching or warm up.


Another advantages of online lessons:

  • Immediate visual feedback (you can see yourself in the camera: posture, jaw, tongue)

  • Possibility of a recording of the lesson for you to review later

  • Tuning and ear training improvements due to no ability to play and sing in the same time

  • No traveling required to follow the lesson


What do you need to follow an online lesson?

  • Good and stable internet connection

  • A web camera (in built camera from laptop is fine or if you want an external webcam)

  • A microphone (that in the majority of the cases in built with the pc or the webcam)

  • Communication software (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts)

  • Another device to reproduce a backing track you want to sing (if you use the pc itself there’s gonna be a feedback problem and the mic can’t recognise both your voice and the backing track from the pc).

Cancellation Policy

Please ensure that if you cannot attend a lesson for any particular reason, including sickness, that you inform Dominika via e-mail or telephone at least 24 hours in advance. This helps make scheduling and planning smoother and more efficient.

The full fee of a lesson will be charged if a lesson is cancelled with less than 24hrs notice.

Missed or unused lessons will not be refunded.